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Diagnostics Opportunity Submission Portal

At Abbott Diagnostics, we are committed to innovation so that our customers who rely on us know we are the partner of choice.

We’re not just about assays and instruments–our reach is much broader and global.

Abbott has a deep history of scientific innovation, creating solutions that span the world of laboratory operations. From processing tests to final results reporting, our long-term pipeline of advanced technologies is designed to provide our customers with even greater improvements in efficiency and accuracy.

We strive to make meaningful connections—today and tomorrow—across the entire continuum of care. Abbott Diagnostics seeks partners with promising opportunities that have:

  • leading-edge technologies
  • potential to provide long-term strategic growth options
  • differentiated competitive advantages
  • can complement existing Abbott diagnostic portfolio or expand future business reach

The Abbott Diagnostics Opportunity Submission Portal was created to allow potential partners to submit opportunities that may be of interest to Abbott Diagnostics.

Read through the information below to learn more about our focus areas and evaluation process.

Submit Opportunity


We use a rigorous, systematic process to identify, evaluate and select opportunities of interest for Abbott Diagnostics. Our team of subject matter experts, representing Research and Development, Medical Affairs, Marketing, New Technologies, Engineering, and others, bring their knowledge and expertise to evaluate and determine suitability as it relates to business priorities, scientific focus, capabilities, and strategic direction.

Abbott Diagnostics is focused on innovative, science-based, diagnostic biomarker or technology solutions that may provide opportunities to address unmet business needs related to our focus areas.


Our areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • biomarker opportunities useful for diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring and treatment, and
  • technology opportunities relating to information technology, assays and reagents, detection technology, automation, methods and materials, and manufacturing processes that can be integrated with our current and future product platforms


If you have an opportunity that you believe may be of interest to Abbott Diagnostics, you are invited to submit your non-confidential information using this site.


Innovative opportunities can be sourced from many different avenues in your day-to-day work. Consider the following:

  • scientific journals
  • university tech transfer offices
  • collaboration events such as the AACC
  • technical conferences
  • presentations
  • networking with colleagues

ADD Subject Matter Experts have agreed upon the following general criteria that should be met when considering an opportunity for further development:


Biomarker Criteria:

  1. The opportunity falls into one of our identified focus areas (see tab 2).
  2. The opportunity fits into one of our existing platforms.
  3. The opportunity helps to meet an unmet medical need, improves patient lives, or changes the standard of care by a physician.
  4. The opportunity uses a homogenized / liquid specimen sample.
  5. The opportunity is related to early detection.
  6. The opportunity includes clinical or performance data with a sample size appropriate for the biomarker.
  7. The data available is complimentary to, or better than, current IVD markers.


Technology Criteria:

  1. The opportunity applies to an existing ADD market.
  2. The opportunity fits into an existing platform or a new platform, or
  3. The opportunity presents a potential component of a new platform, or
  4. Something can be invented for the opportunity to reach its potential.

Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) are a crucial part of our process. Not only are SME’s submitting their own ideas they come across in the industry, but they are also helping us to evaluate all leads we receive through the portal. This takes place during a New Lead Triage discussion held on a monthly basis – contact Kim McKillips directly to be added to this meeting to see what’s being evaluated at ADD!

Our SME’s bring their knowledge and expertise from all areas of our Diagnostics’ businesses with representatives from departments including R&D, Medical Affairs, Marketing, New Technologies, Engineering, and others.

Sometimes we come across opportunities that are a better fit for another Abbott division, in which case the lead is sent to a divisional SME. These have been identified for Abbott Point of Care, Abbott Molecular, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics, and Abbott Diabetes Care.

Abbott Partnerships

Our goal is to elevate the standard of care by supporting and leading the effort in diagnostic research

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